Our Farm

Cavalleria is located in Waxhaw Horse Country in south, central North Carolina. Our horses and dogs are a dream come true!

Why the name Cavalleria Rusticana? I wanted to name our farm something that represented who I am while reflecting my horses and dogs as well. Simply speaking, cavalleria (ca-VALL like "hall"-er-eee-ya like "galleria) is the Italian word for chivalry and rusticana is the Italian word for rustic. I loved the the two-word combination because of my love for old world high quality rustic architecture, furniture, and art coupled with my obsession with the magnificent ancient European and specifically, the Italian cultures.

Old World Chivalry...

We take pride in raising old world breeds that preserve their timeless and classic tradition coupled with promise for enhancing the breeds for tomorrow
— Dr. Laura Pettler

Interestingly, another direct translation of cavalleria is calvary and cavallo is the Italian word for horse. Knights or cavalieri rode baroque horses, a chivalrous, agile, yet big-bodied horse that originated during the Middle-Ages. The Friesian horse was one of these old world breeds that was at risk of becoming extinct in the 20th century. In many movies Friesians can be seen carrying valiant knights in shining armor into battle. The Friesian is the ultimate war horse. Cavalleria is proud to be the home of two of the most beautiful Friesians we could have every dreamed of.

In contrast, the origins of the French Bulldog are not as exactly traceable as are those of the Friesian horse. However, what is known about this unique old world breed is that French Bulldogs, originated primarily in England and France nearly 200 years ago during the 1800s. These baroque-type, chivalrous-exterior, lovable-interior little dogs became the favorite of dog breeds among Aristocrats from Normandy to Paris when French Bulldog owning old world lace-makers emigrated to Northern France in search of work during the Industrial Revolution (French Bull Dog Club of America, 2013b). Our passion for classic French Bulldogs physique and agreeable temperament is evident in all our dogs. 

And if its ties to my passion for old world breeds were not enough to convince me that Cavalleria Rusticana was the perfect name for my farm, what makes the name even more perfect is that, “Cavalleria Rusticana” is a one act opera penned from an 19th century short story about a young man’s valiant plight to win back his first love after he returns from war. I am a musician, so naming the farm after a piece of music was incredibly natural and comfortable. And finally, the opera was first performed in Rome in 1890, which my favorite place in the world...enterna Roma citta. Considering all of the above, Cavalleria Rusticana or “Rustic Chivalry” was the perfect name for my farm.

I take pride in raising old world breeds that preserve their timeless and classic tradition coupled with promise for enhancing the breeds for tomorrow.

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