In January 2017, Laura founded the Carolina Warriors Mounted Archers Club. The mission of the social club was to inspire interest in ancient mounted archery in the modern world. It didn't take off, so she shut it down, but what a great idea anyway!

Brief History of Mounted Archery

According to History of (2017), mounted archery is considered an ancient martial art dating back to the Iron Age. At the world evolved from the Bronze Age, mounted archery replaced chariot archery as a more viable way to kill in war. This transition is well documented in the illustrations painted by the Neo-Assyrian Empire artists of 9th Century B.C. 

Generally speaking, mounted archery is performed by a person who shoots an arrow using a bow whilst riding a horse or some other animal (History of Archery, 2017). Mounted archery is fast becoming a popular sport in the United States, though it has been popular throughout other areas of the world for a long time.

Medieval armies, such as the Germans used horses with mounted crossbowmen as scouts and to protect the flanks of the knights and to chase away opposing calvary (History of Archery, 2017). These archers were so skilled they could attack the enemy by shooting them with arrows then furthering their attack with swords without having to reload their bows.

On the downside, mounted archers are also large targets, so their natural predators were foot archers (History of Archery, 2017). When firearms became the go-to weapon, both mounted and foot archers became a thing of the past. Today mounted archery was revived by the Foundation of Mongolian Horseback Archery Association founded in 1921 and is well established as a sport in many areas of the world. There are different styles of mounted archery based on culture, all of which are very interesting. Annual competitions are held worldwide in Europe, Canada, Asia, and in the United States. 

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