La Bottega d'Cavalleria

"The Boutique of Cavalleria." Cavalleria is dedicated to the preservation of nature and handmade goods. Below are the items we make.


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LA ESPA - 100% Ancient Healing Oil Body Scrubs for People and Pooches

Essential oils have been used for more than 5,000 years to heal the mind, body, and soul. Cavalleria Rusticana’s commitment to embracing much of the artistry, practices, and lifestyle of the ancient world gave rise to the development of six body scrubs made from natural ingredients that enhance the experience of living in many ways. Unlike most commercial body scrubs, some of Cavalleria’s body scrubs are uniquely coarse to naturally exfoliate feet, elbows, and areas of dry, rough skin, while others are smooth like body butter. Each body scrub is named after one of Cavalleria’s fine Friesian Horses, an ancient war-horse breed ridden into battle by some of the most famous knights of the roundtable, while the others are named after some of Cavalleria’s Champion-Bred French Bulldogs. We hope you enjoy.

  • Fortissimo's Fountain of Youth Body Scrub
  • Kismet's Ancient Kindred Spirit Body Scrub
  • Ava's Uplifting Awesomeness Body Scrub
  • Madeline's Calming Magic Body Scrub
  • Kingsleigh's Peppermint Kisses Body Scrub
  • Louis's Lemon Love Bug Body Scrub


Haute Couture for the Poochinista

  • Peticoats for the Princess Pooches of the House
  • Repurposed Vintage Gucci Material Collars
  • Repurposed Vintage Louis Vuitton Dog Collars

La Cuccina "the Kitchen"

  • 100% organic cookies for Pooches
  • 100% Rum Vanilla Extract for cooking